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 Do you want to be an Admin?

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Executive Administrator & Austin's BFF
Executive Administrator & Austin's BFF

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PostSubject: Do you want to be an Admin?   Sun Feb 24, 2013 7:57 am

Administration Applications

If you are reading this then you are interested in becoming an Administrator.

Being an Administrator is rewarding if you have what it takes. Many think they are capable but it is a surprisingly stressful job, especially at high ranks.

There are, of course, requirements for being an admin, please see below.

1. You MUST have a minimum of 50 playing hours.

2. You MUST obtain approval from TWO Head Administrators and ONE Executive Administrator.

3. You MUST pass two separate Roleplay tests and two separate Out Of Character knowledge tests.

4. You MUST have experience in at least one faction and one family.

5. This is NOT necessary but it helps if you have been an adviser previously.

ALSO, please note that we are not interested in your previous administration experience as we have no proof of it's validity.

Do not be alarmed if your application takes a few days to be processed, we like to scrutinize applications and to discuss our own personal experience with the applicant (if any) before a decision can be made.
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Do you want to be an Admin?
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