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 Blackwater PMC

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PostSubject: Blackwater PMC    Thu Feb 28, 2013 10:05 am

Blackwater PMC is a private military company founded in 2011 by Damien Scott and John Porter. Blackwater is currently the largest of the U.S. State Department's three private security contractors. Blackwater provided diplomatic security services in Los Angeles to the United States federal government on a contractual basis. The company's headquarters is in San Fierro, SA.

Blackwater USA was formed in 2012, by Damien Scott in Los Santos, to provide training support to military and law enforcement organizations. In explaining Blackwater's purpose, Scott stated that ‘‘we are trying to do for the national security apparatus what FedEx did for the Postal Service.’’ After serving SEAL and SWAT teams, Blackwater USA received its first government contract after the bombing of the USS San Andreas off of the coast of Las Venturas in October 2011.

Blackwater suffered a huge loss after the death of John, Damien’s long time best friend and Co-founder of Blackwater. He was gunned down on 7/18/2012 by a Rogue cop by the name of Joey Tucker. Damien took it hard and took some of his men to find the cop. Damien took Shane Grimes; at the time he was only a private but he had potential. Damien and Shane got the location of the cop. They caught him at his house while he was talking to a few gang bangers. Damien and Shane didn’t give two shits; they got out of their vehicle; fire arms in hand. Damien was carrying an AA-12 with a drum magazine whilst Shane was carrying an AR-15 Magpul Bushmaster. Damien walked up to the cop; pushing the barrel into the cops stomach thus pulling the trigger. The blast blew the cops internal organs out onto the concrete. Shane saw the gangsters attempt to withdraw their fire arms and fire three bursts into their skulls. Damien and Shane, happy with their work headed back to the Blackwater Bar and grabbed a few drinks, they successfully avenged John, but the pain of his loss still lingered in Damien to this very day.

Damien and Shane had been on the lookout for someone to take over John’s position in Blackwater. Damien offered Shane the position but he utterly turned it down, a year later, Damien met a man named Thomas Boone, whom was an Admiral in the San Andreas Navy. Although Damien did not socialize with men from the Navy, he saw something in Thomas that made him think otherwise. Damien approached Thomas; knowing of his background and offered him a place in Blackwater. Thomas hesitated for a while but eventually accepted his offer. Damien was honored to have Thomas at his side.

Thomas, Shane and Damien had their first mission together on February/20/2013. They were paid a large sum by the CIA to infiltrate and enemy base where a rogue cop was holding Governor Tony Perez hostage. Blackwater operatives Thomas and Shane parachuted inside whilst Damien went through a back entrance to a guard tower. There were minimum hostiles, so Damien made easy work of them. Damien set up his M40a3 bolt action sniper and watched for Shane and Thomas to secure the hostage. Just as Shane and Thomas found the civilian, the cop was about to execute the Governor. Shane got up behind the cop and told him to put his weapon down. Damien watched as the cop attempts to turn around and fire at Shane, Damien quickly shot the man’s weapon out of his hand while Shane shot the cop in his knee. The cop fell to the ground and Damien turned his attention to Thomas; Thomas gave Damien a thumbs up and Damien with-drew from the tower and went to the Blackwater Utility Truck.
Damien pulled around they Thomas and Shane brought the governor to the gate.. Damien rammed the gate open, letting Thomas and Shane get Tony inside the vehicle. After they got him in, Damien sped off to the Blackwater Compound in West Venturas; they stopped and untied Tony; pulling him inside to figure out why the cop had taken him hostage. Tony stated that a powerful gang had him in their sights for him raising taxes and making weed illegal. Since Tony didn’t have Secret Service, he hired Blackwater to protect him, paying them one million a week, and three million on the days he had speeches.

Blackwater had finally made a name for their selves in San Andreas, They now have four bases. One in San Fierro; Two in Las Venturas, a Training facility and the Blackwater Compound; and one In Los Angeles. If you see them on the street, don’t be afraid to talk to them or ask for help, it is our duty to help.



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PostSubject: Re: Blackwater PMC    Thu Feb 28, 2013 10:19 am

Purty epic.


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Blackwater PMC
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