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 [OPEN] Government Security || Application

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PostSubject: [OPEN] Government Security || Application    Tue Feb 26, 2013 11:26 am

If you wish to apply for the Government Security then this is the format.

Recruitment Status: OPEN

Copy and answer the Code below in a new topic titles [Your Name] || Government Security || Application

[color=cyan]IC Section[/color]




Years in Los Santos (( Level ))

Area of Residence

Phone number

Life biography (( 200+ words ))

Why do you wish to become a Security Agent? (( 50+ words ))

Why should we choose you? (( 75+ words ))

[color=red]Medical Information[/color]

Do you have any heart problems?

Do you have any problems such as Asthma?

Can you run at-least 3km?

Do you have any conditions that can affect your work?


Have you ever been convicted of a crime?

If yes above what?

Have you ever been arrested?

If yes what for?

Have you ever been sent to the HSP High Security Prison?

If yes what for?

Have you been involved with any gangs?

If yes which?

[color=green]OOC Section[/color]



Hours you can play per day


Time zone?

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[OPEN] Government Security || Application
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