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 Adviser Application - Tony_Perez

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PostSubject: Adviser Application - Tony_Perez   Tue Feb 26, 2013 9:03 am

[center]Adviser Application[center]
1. Why you should be chosen, over other applicants, to become an adviser. (Minimum 100 words.)
Well, I have been playing SA-MP for a very long time now, I know how Roleplaying works, I've been roleplaying since 2009.
This server is new to me, I have played it for a few hours and I have alot of fun.
I roleplayed with Thomas, Shane and A few others (Don't remember all names)
Had a few fun events, And gotten to know a bit from this script, I think I can help new people answering their questions and explaining what they should do.
So, I think for the years of experience I should be considered a fairly reasonable choice for the Adviser tag.

2. Do you often answer questions in the /newbie chat?
If I read a question which isn't answered I always answer, If I do not Know the answer, I search for it and try to help the person asking it.

3. Do you agree to an test regarding Roleplay terms and server knowledge.
Yes, No problems.
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Executive Administrator & Austin's BFF

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PostSubject: Re: Adviser Application - Tony_Perez   Tue Feb 26, 2013 9:15 am

Alrighty, having read your application and getting to know you ingame, I think you'd be an excellent choice for adviser. Congratulations! Welcome to the Adviser team!


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Adviser Application - Tony_Perez
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